Comunidad Mercado


Expand affordable access to healthy foods; empower families to adopt and sustain healthful lifestyle choices around food; and enhance the business and leadership skills of members of this community.

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Our Personal Approach

Comunidad Mercado (CoMer) is a collaboration among community leaders and families engaged with the Siena Youth Center in North Fair Oaks, and regional family-owned farms. Building upon existing social/family networks, and newly formed purchasing relationships with CA Certified Farmers, CoMer provides seasonal, healthy and tasty foods at low costs to its members. Accompanying educational forums explore the health benefits of “balanced plates” and the enjoyment of eating wider varieties of vegetables, grains, and legumes.


With more affordable access, we anticipate increased consumption of a wider variety of fresh vegetables, whole grains, and legumes. CoMer will also serve as a steady wholesale client for farmers and, as such, will mitigate their economic losses from unsold or unpicked, but high quality produce. The pilot launched in early March, 2015 with biweekly distributions.

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