Our Mission

Enhancing the health of under-resourced communities, one family at a time...

1 Grain to 1000 Grains is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that nourishes the aspirations of families, as it collaborates to vitalize the communities they live in. Through its programs families discover intuitive and actionable plans for more healthful eating and financial bandwidth.  Each participating family fosters healthful living for many families– from one grain springs thousands.

Our Motivations

In the early 2000s, both of us were experiencing mini-health crises. And these crises forcefully reminded Fumi and awakened Ken to the fact that “Food really matters.” As we restructured our own lifestyles, we benefited from more than the nutriments and anti-oxidant or anti-inflammatory qualities of certain foods. There was a newfound connectedness to nature and our communities through the food that gave us strength.

Around the same period, our friends in the immigrant communities started to share their personal lifestyle challenges, many of which arose after moving to the United States. Most families were from agricultural backgrounds, and had grown much of the food they consumed. For them, access to tasty and chemical-free fruits and vegetables was now much more costly, and both peer and financial pressures were undermining healthful eating habits.

Then, something clicked inside of us…

We combined Fumi’s expertise and passion on food and health, and Ken’s grounded practicality and expertise in finance, and created 1 Grain to 1000 Grains. Since its inception, families in the communities where we are engaged have been sharing their wisdom and stories and helping us design relevant programs. They approach each day with courage, compassion and happiness as they strive for better opportunities, especially for their children.

Our journey has just begun. As more of us commit to share in the nourishment of each other’s aspirations, the resilient and vibrant communities around us will surely be strengthened. Please join in our efforts.